maschine mensch / maschine mensch / gehirntod durch funktion / this robot kills / toete dich selbst / auf zu neuen ufern / dreh dich / dreh dich um dich selbst / stillstand / maschine mensch steht still / steht still / steht still / du bist der tod deiner selbst / this robot kills. — people become more and more influenced by mass media like tv, newspaper and new technologies like the world wide web / without ever thinking about the things they see and read they accept the information given mostly without questioning the content nor the source of information / without coming up with an own opinion / fast, colourful and easy-to-understand information is all that is wanted / infotainment - information at it's worst / not thinking but consuming / daily life has become a loop / humans turn more and more into machines in their small world of self-contained houses, two cars per family, holidays on the beach and an expensive tv set / those robots kill themselves?!

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